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At the Centre for Human Potential (CFHP) we can provide effective anger management Brisbane wide to help you treat and manage your anger, so that it doesn’t have a negative or damaging effect on your life and relationships.

With our professional guidance from a practiced psychologist Brisbane, you will learn the tools needed to accept and address your anger in a healthy and positive way, instead of suppressing it or expressing it violently or abusively.

What is Anger Management?

The purpose of anger is self-preservation with the intent to preserve your personal worth, essential needs and basic convictions. In other words, people are likely to feel anger when they feel rejected or invalidated, when they feel their needs are not being met, and when they feel like their beliefs and convictions are belittled, devalued or ignored. Anger is, in and of itself, a natural and adaptive feeling.

Anger, however, is not a reflex that is automatic or caused by others. Anger is always, to some degree, a choice that is controlled by our thinking, beliefs and attitudes. While anger is a completely normal emotion and everyone experiences it from one day to another, it becomes problematic when it is expressed in intense and inappropriate ways and when the person feels that their anger has become unpredictable and uncontrollable.

In other words, when someone expresses their anger in an overly aggressive way and feels as if they have no control over it, then this emotion has become problematic and many issues can arise from it. Problems in relationships, occupational functioning and social functioning occur when anger becomes unpredictable and uncontrollable.

The aim of anger management Brisbane is to help you move away from being controlled by this destructive and unpredictable emotion, and move towards understanding and managing your anger in a healthy way through our counselling services with experienced and professional Brisbane psychologists.

Learn how to control your anger instead of letting it control you.

Anger is a normal and – usually – healthy emotion. It lets you know that something is not right. It is self-protective and self-righteous and, as such, it can be a healthy expression of self-worth. When experienced in appropriate situations and dealt with constructively, anger is an extremely useful emotion to have. But when it becomes unpredictable and uncontrolled, it also becomes destructive and so it is extremely important to have control over your anger and the way it’s expressed.

While anger is defined as an emotion, it also has a psychological element to it. When you feel angry, your blood pressure and heart rate increases, muscles tense and adrenaline is often released. It seems very similar to the fight or flight response. This is because anger is most often felt when you decide to stop and face a perceived threat, either real or imagined, and these physical tell-tale signs always appear before any anger outburst. So it is rare to have a fully-fledged rage attack without a warning from these physical signs first, and learning to recognise them is often the first and most important step in learning to manage your anger. Your Brisbane psychologist from CFHP will help you take these vital steps towards recognising your anger, and subsequently treating and controlling it in a healthy and effective way.

Being able to manage your anger is important because when it is unresolved and uncontrolled it can lead to many difficulties, not only emotionally and socially, but also where your physical wellbeing is concerned. Often people with unresolved anger feel angry most of the time, and find it difficult to control their outbursts.

This can lead to many health problems, including:

  • Headaches
  • Muscle tension, such as shoulder and back aches
  • High blood pressure
  • Insomnia
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • A weakened immune system and higher susceptibility to colds and flu
  • Strokes
  • Heart attacks

In addition to potential health problems, the emotional and social difficulties encountered when anger is unresolved and uncontrollable can include:

  • Depression
  • Alcohol and drug abuse
  • Self-injury
  • Low self-esteem
  • Problems in personal relationships
  • Difficulty in work situations
  • Social withdrawal
  • Social isolation

Once you fully comprehend the impact of uncontrolled and unresolved anger, it is clear to see how valuable anger management can be. Anger management is a process by which you learn new ways of coping with your emotions, and new skills to recognise the warning signs of anger to help you deal with angry feelings and emotions in a constructive and positive way.

The task here is not to suppress anger or to make your anger go away. Remember that anger is, in fact, a healthy emotion. At CFHP our anger management Brisbane and counselling techniques are used to help and guide you towards understanding your anger and managing it in a way that is healthy and constructive.

Anger management techniques teach you how to recognise your anger triggers early on and to resolve these problems in a way that meets your needs assertively rather than aggressively. By understanding your triggers as well as your physiological response, you gain control over your anger and learn how to respond to situations, rather than react to them.

Although there are many ways in which you can learn to manage your anger on your own, it may be beneficial to find guidance with a professional counsellor or psychologist in Brisbane – especially if your anger is due to unresolved past problems and finding expression in very aggressive or violent ways.

The following are signs that you may need professional help. If you honestly find yourself frequently experiencing any of these situations, anger management counselling will be able to make a crucial difference to your life and relationships.

  • You have trouble with authorities and the law
  • You frequently feel like you are holding back or biting your tongue
  • You have numerous arguments with people around you, especially those closest to you such as your partner, parents, children or colleagues
  • You find yourself involved in fights
  • You are violent towards your partner or children
  • You threaten violence to people or property
  • You have outbursts where you break things
  • You lose your temper when driving and become reckless
  • You feel a little out of control

Remember that the good news is there IS help available. You don’t have to face your anger issues on your own. At CFHP we have a professional psychologist Brisbane who can give you the tools to take back control, and improve the quality of your life and relationships with your loved ones.

Uncontrollable anger often results in feelings of depression and low self-esteem. In many cases people will turn to substances to help them cope, while others find it difficult to function in their relationships or at work. The most effective treatment for anger issues is counselling and therapy with a qualified psychologist, who can tailor a customised treatment plan for your individual issues.

In this sense, cognitive behaviour therapy is the most common approach to anger management Brisbane wide, where you will be encouraged to explore your triggers or sources of your anger, and identify any irrational and distorted beliefs that are contributing to your uncontrolled anger. These beliefs are then challenged and replaced with more rational, positive beliefs that help temper feelings of anger. If there are unresolved issues, the counselling aims at providing a supportive space where you can explore these issues and gain the tools needed to resolve them.

More effective coping skills are encouraged, as well as relaxation training and psycho-education which will give you healthy ways of releasing the energy and anger from your body, both actively and passively. We work closely with you to increase your self-awareness and self-control through your daily life and activities, to help you assess your physical, behavioural and emotional signals and triggers. You will then know how to take positive steps in each situation and make healthy choices in your responses to these situations.

After a few sessions of counselling, you may feel more in control of your thoughts and your feelings – particularly your anger. And as a result, you will feel more confident and more positive and begin to notice positive changes in your social and personal relationships.

If you are concerned about your negative or unhealthy reactions to situations in your life, or you feel that you have uncontrollable anger issues, talk with one of our trained and experienced Brisbane psychologists to better understand what you are going through, learn how to manage it more effectively, and enjoy your life more.

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